Chinese Medicinal Meals (Yao Shan) in the West.

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Dietetic therapy assumes that human behavior, social life and healthy are inter-related. Many culturally-bound dietetics therapies have been reported around the world by anthropologists and doctors. With more and more Chinese restaurants appear in west countries, Chinese herbal food, using medicinal diet-cuisine with officinal foods to deal with some local diseases, also came into these countries. Some dietetic scientists (Lin, 1997) think this kind medicinal food would provide an alternative and effective therapy for everyone. However, …

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…history in Chinese cultural bound effectively for Chinese. But it is not completely fit for other cultural residents although someone gets truly effect by take Chinese medicinal diet as alternative and effective therapy for diseases. Chinese medicinal diet still need more research to find a balance point. Every culture has its particular characteristic. We are never able to cross although it is exciting that we can share the benefits of cultural products from different cultures.