China: you said "economic miracle"?

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Throughout the Nineties, it has been said that the biggest Asian economic challenger against the US was China, not Japan. Japan had scared the Uncle Sam in the Eighties, but again, the slump it has been stuck into (financial and socio-economic crisis) for more than ten years couldn't be compared to the thriving Chinese take-off. We're indeed talking about a 1000 M US $ GDP gathered by about 1.3 billion people. The economic growth has reached an average …

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…has all the factors for, but which is only a might-be giant. But to become one, there are two major obstacles to overcome. On the one hand, it has to avoid being torn apart by its growing problematic inequalities. On the other hand, it has to win the demographic challenge: 1.6 billion Chinese people in 2040 would represent a problem in terms of food (domestic production and imports), job (there is already unemployment), urban pollution and aging.