China Revolution

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In the 19th century, China had a lot new treaties and wars breaking out, all throught the 19th century. Some are like the Opium War(s), The Boxer Rebellion, and Sphere of Influence. These things were a big part of China’s history. The Opium War was two wars fought between Great Britain and China in whom Western powers gained significant commercial privileges and territory. The Opium Wars began when the Chinese government tried to …

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…concessions and the right to station foreign troops to guard the legations in Beijing and to maintain a clear corridor from Beijing to the coast. Despite efforts by the United States to stop further territorial encroachment (see Open Door Policy); Russia extended its sphere of influence in Manchuria during the revolt, a policy that culminated in the Russo-Japanese war (1904-1905). In Conclusion, these things are very important to China’s History in the 19th century.