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Early China & Xia Dynasty: 10,000 BC to 1500 BC Daily Life in Very Early China Chinese civilization started around 10,000 BC, when a group called the Yangshao (yahng show) settled near the Huang He River. Archaeologists have uncovered many Yangshao villages in northern China. In one village, they found the remains of farmhouses, built partly underground, with plaster floors, and roofs held up with wooden posts. About 3,000 BC, another farming group appeared, the Lungshan people. The Lungshan were …

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…History Note Western T'ang was peopled with nomads. The nomads did not grow food. They moved from place to place, tending herds of horses, goats and sheep. Their homes were huts on wagons on wheels, so they could move their homes easily. Clothing was made of wool or animal skins. They ate milk and meat. They were traders, and traded with wandering merchants for other things they needed. Sometimes, they traded along the Silk Road.