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AN LESSONS Culture and Geography Culture What is culture? · It is the essence of why people believe as they do and act as they do and give importance to things as they do. Elements of culture: · values · norms · beliefs · emotions · relationships · language and technology General Characteristics of Chinese culture: 1. Tied to highly developed agriculture which confined itself almost exclusively to the plains and valleys -- mountains are scarcely utilized; 2. A complex form of political organization …

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…Liang o Water Margin by Shih Nai’an o Journey to the West by Wu Ch'eng’en § Monkey King, Sun Wu-k'ung o Plum in the Golden Vase (Chin P'ing Mei) anonymous author · Ch'ing Fiction o The Scholars by Wu Ching-tzu (1701-1754) § a satire on the examination system and scholars o Dream of the Red Chamber § published in 1792 as an extended and modified version of The Story of the Stone written in 1754 by T’sao Chan