Children Without Fathers

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"The deteriorating condition of children - ranging from violent boys and promiscuous girls to abused children of both sexes - has become a regular feature of the daily news. The linkage of these now-familiar conditions to Fatherlessness is empirically verified by a body of social and behavioral research. Because children represent the future of our society, these negative consequences are a social calamity in the making. It is a misfortune not just for those children …

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…purports to desire. As a father who has fought long and hard for joint custody of his children, I find Ms. Goodmans article offensive and alarming. I am deeply hurt by the insinuations such articles make of my character. I am legally damaged by the myths that propagate from such misinformation. I wish that papers such as your would quit giving space to the irresponsible journalists who perpetuate these types of gross distortions of truth.