Children Now, A Non-Profit Organization Devoted to Youth in America

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As the slogan states, "The goal is change. The work is broad. Success is measured by results." Children Now is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit voice that speaks for all children in the United States. This organization moves public attitude, government, community, and family to become more committed to children in our society. It urges leaders to motivate those they influence to act on the behalf of children. It seized the critical opportunity to support parents …

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…sub-organizations, there are boundless opportunities for parents and children alike. There are events to attend, such as the concert and talk session geared for today's youth about current social issues, featuring Gloria Estefan and N*Sync. Also, there are pamphlets and brochures to obtain which give information about various programs and events, as well as actually being pieces for children to read and contemplate. Further, there are occassionally programs on television sponsored by Children Now.