Childhood Socialization

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Webster's definition of socialization is 1. to make social 2. to take part in social activity." A well known definition of socialization is being exposed to race, ethnicity, and religion in an unbiased, open-minded, and positive manner. Therefore, leading one to not have any predispositions, stereotypes, or negative thoughts on any certain group of people. You can see that just through this definition that socialization is not an easy process; it requires being active, involved, enthusiastic, and …

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…see the world in this culturally unbiased way. If an effort could be made in order to bring children up to be more socialized, the world could be a much better place, and maybe someday we would live in a world where there was no racism or stereotypes. In conclusion, childhood socialization can decrease the negative attitudes toward racial, ethnic, and religious groups in many ways, causing a child to be more liberal and open-minded.