Childhood Reveled

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Childhood Revealed takes us into the hearts and minds of children who live with a specific challenge in their cognitive, psychological, or physical aspect of their life. For these children, drawing, and writing about their drawings, are ways of finding solutions or communicating with anyone that will listen. Remarkably, their resilient natures lead them to correct what is wrong, fix what is broken, and heal what is scarred. Their desire to triumph, their instinct to …

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…child eventually becomes a normal functioning adult. Learning theorists would not suggest drugs to help seduce the symptoms. If a child learned to become this way, the child can learn through operate conditioning to not behave this way. Because more fingers are pointing to an inherited neurological link, Waddington suggests that genes constrain or put limits on, environmental influence. Therefore, there is only so much a person can do to reduce the effects of ADHD.