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An unknown source once wrote, “ For evil to succeed it is sufficient that good men do nothing”. This quote ties into the theme of “The Child By Tiger”, written by Thomas Wolfe. “The Child By Tiger” leaves its readers with proof that evil and innocence are in every aspect of life. Thomas Wolfe develops this theme through his use of a child’s perspective, character development, setting and symbols. Thomas Wolfe uses these elements to …

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…strong theme through the point of view, character development, setting and symbolism. “The Child By Tiger” displays a theme that evil and good are ever present in every aspect of life. There is no pure good or pure evil; there is only the perspective that a person sees the situation as. -Works Cited- Wolfe, Thomas. “The Child By Tiger”, Literature, Sound and Sense. 5th Edition. Lawrence Perrine, editor. San Diego: Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1988: pages 24-40.