Child abuse

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Child Abuse Child Abuse is the worst thing a child can go through, not only on the flesh, but also on the entire structure of the mind. (Coles, 1991.) Child Abuse has become a major worldwide issue that can no longer be ignored. In this paper I will be discussing emotional, physical and sexual abuse as well as neglect I will also be exploring historical approaches to abuse, some of the reasons why children are abused …

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…they are destined to be victimized until the last breath (Coles, 1991.) and it is this type of thinking that prompts them to enter such relationships later in life. Since these types of relationships are familiar to them, even as adults, on an unconscious level, they will seek out the company of potential abusers (Coles, 1991.) This does not have to be the case. Help for abused children begins when someone decides to finally break the cycle.