Child Pornography

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The Child Pornogrophy Prevention Act of 1996, prohibits, the shipment, distribution, receipt, reproduction, sale, or possession of any visual depiction that "appears to be of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct.". For almost two decades, federal law has prohibited the production and distribution of child pornography. Before the Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 (CPPA), this applied only to visual views of real children engaged in sexually explicit conduct. It also has a similar concern of …

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…unit during a ten-year period involved the use of child pornography. Why should virtual child pornography be treated differently than real child pornography? I do not think so. Both real and virtual child pornography contain the same message of children engaging in sexually activity. The only difference is that real child pornography uses actual children in its production, whereas virtual child pornography does not. It does not somehow turn virtual child pornography into meaningful view.