Child Abuse and Porn

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Pornography and children: An abusive mix Child sexual abuse can be defined as “any form of sexual activity with a child. It may include showing a child pornographic materials, placing the child’s hand on another person’s genitals, touching a child’s genitals and to the more extreme form of penetration.” (Kali Munro) It is essential to understand what child abuse through pornography is, what it can do to a child and why this …

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…victims are those people who are battling against this sin and travesty against humanity. Matthews, head of Canada's largest child porn unit, reports – many officers frequently fall victim to the stress of their jobs. Many simply can't deal with the thousands of sexually explicit images of children 'It tears your heart out, 'Matthews states, 'when you see their faces, you know that their innocence is gone forever and that they will never get it back."