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Thesis: The fierce struggle of European nations to dominate the New World caused the Texas Cherokees to be “caught between two fires.” The two fires Everett refers to is not only in respect to white settlers pushing westward and resistance from other tribes to the east, but between removal and extermination. The Texas Cherokees courageously strived to remain determined in a situation which they were able to alter somewhat but were not able to take …

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…forced to cooperate with the Europeans or face the consequence of death. In Fifty Days on board a Slave Vessel the British who were against slavery “rescued” slaves being deported from Africa. However, Hill reveals that instead of setting the “rescued” slaves free they are forced to work as indentured servents. (51) In our course we have discussed the means in which white settlers “exploited North American Indian tribes and forced them westward” (Callahan 4-19-99)