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It is Cherokee belief that at first there was only a brother and a sister. The brother hit the sister with a fish, and told her to multiply, so she did. In seven days she gave birth to her first kid. The seven days later she did it again, and again, and again. There were too many children to keep track of them, so they decided to be able to only have one kid a …

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…considered important. Agriculture relied primarily on corn, beans, and squash and by hunting and gathering wild plants.Cherokee villages were usually independent in daily activities, with the whole tribe only coming together for ceremonies or times of war. Leadership was divided according the circumstances which were : "red" chiefs during war and "white" chiefs in times of peace. Cherokee chanting comes from the slaying of Stone Coat (Nayvnvwi). They speak Atali, Chickamauga, Etali, Onnontiogg, and Qualia.