Chemistry Bonding

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Electron Pair Repulsion Theory: The electron pair repulsion theory states that the electron pairs in the valence energy level of an atom repel each other, and therefore are arranged as far apart as possible. For example, H2O: Due to this theory, different molecules with different amounts of pairs of electrons have different shapes. Shapes of Molecules: Some common shapes of molecules include linear, trigonal planar, tetrahedral, trigonal pyramidal and v-shaped (bent) molecules. Examples are …

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…or non-polar, and then whether it exhibits hydrogen bonding. We can do this for the examples introduced earlier. a) dispersion forces b) dispersion forces c) dipole-dipole forces (hydrogen bonding) d) dispersion forces e) dipole-dipole forces (hydrogen bonding) Therefore, we can see that the three dimensional structure of a covalent molecule can be used to predict molecular polarity and intermolecular forces in that substance, thus proving that the shape is an important property of any molecule.