Chemical and Biological Warfare

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Chemical and Biological Warfare I. CHEMICAL WARFARE Chemical warfare is the use of natural or synthetic substances to disable or kill an enemy. It is also used to prevent them from using resources such as agricultural products or foliage in which to hide. Why use chemical weapons? Because of their ability to cause mass casualties or damage to an enemy with only a limited amount of risk to the forces who are using the chemicals. …

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…suits are specially designed to protect from chemical and biological agents. They have been proven to work. Their costs' range from $45 to $ 200. 6. Air snifters: a very inexpensive kind of protection, but as low as its price is the quality of its protection. It is not known to actually protect against chemical or biological weapons. 7. Basic disaster kits: and finally the most useful of all, the basic disaster kits. The FBI does recommend buying these ones.