Chemical Communication Among Humans

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As earlier stated, the subject of pheromones in human beings has been hotly debated in scientific circles for many years. Though the full significance of human pheromones is yet to be determined, most scientists agree that some chemical communication among human beings does exist. Over the past two decades, this hypothesis has gained increasing credibility, as new evidence continues to be slowly uncovered. In early 1991, a team of scientists reported a possible attractant that guides …

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…essential in perfumery. So why are humans so attracted to these scents? There are many theories that exist to explain this question, but all of them at this time remain speculation. One such idea is that the musky scent of musk and civet are active components of human pheromones tied into are animal instincts. Therefore, the notion that humans are attracted to these chemicals for romantic reasons, becomes more believable with every purchase of perfume.