Chemical Castration.

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In 2001, there were 249,000 victims of rape, attempted rape, and assault. This figure does not include any children under twelve years of age. Crimes including types of sexual abuse and assault are some of the leading crimes in the United States. A drug called Depo-Provera has been proven effective in numerous cases for abusive or violent males. This drug is used in many states to act as a "chemical castration" for males. Chemical castration has also …

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…jail time and continue the process until their sentence has run out. The injections should continue until a Doctor and Psychiatrist agree that the patient has been rehabilitated and is safe for the public with out the injections. Those who are taken off of the drug should be forced to check in with their doctor no less that 2 a month to check their testosterone levels and their ability to control their aggressive and sexual behaviors.