Chem Lab, do ions combine in definite ratios.

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LAB 3.Ø.Ø: do ions combine in definite ratios PURPOSE The purpose of this investigation is to determine whether ions combine in definite ratios or not. To observe, and create a table of the different ions. QUESTION If copper (II) sulfate when mixed with sodium carbonate at different quantities combine to form ions in definite ratios. HYPOTHESIS / PREDICTION I believe that the ions will combine in definite ratios due to the fact that the valance electrons will …

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…to have a light colour of blue, while the test tubes with the smaller ratios achieved a darker blue. The hypothesis was correct in saying that the ions would combine in definite ratios even though the experiment did not prove that it did due to the valence electrons. The ?valence electron theory? is the theoretical explanation in which in cannot be observed. For those reasons one can conclude that ions do combine in definite ratios.