Cheating Handbook: basic ways on the "art of cheating"

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I.Tests A.cheat sheets Ok, the first way are with the good old fashion cheat sheets. These are the most simple way to go either than looking at somebody else's paper. I have found that the best way to make these are by making them on a computer at home. Use font 12 times new roman and print out as many 2 by 2 inch sheets as you want. Ok, now the tricky part is using them …

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…all the stuff in this except for the stuff in section III, the stuff should work, i have an IQ of 134 and I devote it mostly to cheating, i mean what's the fun w/o it? I will be updating this every time i think of something up, check my website for updates If you have any ideas, please email me at Created by the BJ }^{ asta