Chaucer's Women in the Canterbury Tales (use of irony)

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From Eve to Mary The Middle Ages was an interesting time to be a woman. For centuries the church generally disapproved of, with equal measure, women and sex. Women were not even thought of as human beings, and were seen as necessary only in what they could do for their men. When the men left for the Crusades women were given a larger role in the upkeep of their husbands’ houses and estates, and assumed …

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…of her position, and the other because of her money, accepts both. The church’s view of women seems to change depending on what the women can do for the church, the more they can do the more accepted they become. The Prioress, who represents the church, is a fraud, while Wife of Bath who does not misrepresent herself in any way, is the way the church should ideally be. Now isn’t that ironic?