Chaucer - Pardoner's Tale

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In Chaucer's Pardoner's Tale, the Pardoner justifies his behavior by saying, in effect, that even though he sins, he still has the power and the ability to dissuade others from sinning, thus serving society a good purpose. I agree with the Pardoner. He can have a positive influence on people with his sermons. Although there are both advantages and disadvantages in having a sinner sway the minds of many, with the knowledge and experience of …

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…Tale sinned, he was capable of urging people to avoid sinning. He was a hypocrite but also a master of communication. The Pardoner lectured from knowledge and understanding. People are inclined to take advice from a person that knows from experience what he or she is saying. He knew how to speak to the people and dissuade them from sins, and in doing so, he was serving ultimately as a good purpose to the society.