Charlie Parker at Storyville

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Charlie Parker at Storyville The set by Charlie Parker, at Storyville is a perfect example of bop or bebop. It fits almost all of the criteria we use to define bop. These criteria include, but are not limited to: fast tempo, display of instrumental virtuosity, complex melodies and harmonies, an unresolved character, highly syncopated and masterful improvisations. These were all shown throughout this set. The compact disc I chose is actually a compilation of two …

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…truly love. Swing is good for dancing and a lot of fun to listen to in that situation yet nothing compares to the solos of the Bop era. The criteria I have shown proves that this set is bop. This same criteria is what makes bop the best era of jazz. The complexity, the tempo, the amazing skill shown by bop musicians, and the proliferation of improvised solos all join together to make amazing music.