Charles X of France

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Charles X When Charles X ascended the throne (1824) he was 67 years old. He had become bigoted and ‘set in his ways’. However, the people of France seemed to welcome his ascension due to their jealousy over the British Monarchy. Had Charles X perhaps been more accommodating to the needs of the ‘ordinary’ people of France, or acted more subtly, his reign promised to be a successful one. So why was it that it lasted only 6 …

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…null and void, depriving the Bourgeoisie of the vote, and suspending liberty of the press. To the outrage of the French people, Charles had become a dictator. The following day, barricades were erected, riots broke out and Charles was forced to abdicate. In conclusion I feel that, although there were a number of factors, that were not the fault of Charles X, which contributed to his downfall, Charles himself could have prevented his abdication in 1830.