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CHARLES V FEBRUARY 24, 1500 SEPTEMBER 21, 1558 Charles V was born on February 24, 1500 in Ghent, which today is better known Belgium. He was the oldest in the family so when his father died in 1506, he inherited the Netherlands and the Franche Comte, which was located in France but actually belonged to the Holy Roman Empire. He gained much more land once his maternal and paternal grandfathers died. Not since Charlemagne, in the early 9th Century, had one person …

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…to a comfortable villa built next to the Monastery of San Yuste in Spain. Up until the time of his death, September 21, 1558, Charles V still used his powerful influence and interfered in the political affairs of Europe. During his reign, Spain discovered and conquered vast overseas territories including Mexico and the western part of the United States. Today one can see the impact of Spain in the architecture, art and culture found throughout the world.