Charles Fuller - "A Soldier's Play"

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During the 1940s, racism plagued the world. World War II was fully in place with America and the Allies fighting the Axis. Hitler had risen to power in Germany and revealed to the world his racist dream of a "super race." He massacred millions of people who didn't fit his view of the "super race." Meanwhile, in American, the Ku Klux Klan terrorized the blacks of the south. Hundreds of blacks were lynched and many …

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…expose the ideas and effects of racism. This time of racism created a world in which the soldiers of the play inhabit. Peterson and Waters were greatly affected by racism and they, themselves, became racist too. Some characters such as Davenport and Taylor were able to break free of racism and prejudice. Charles Fuller's Pulitzer Prize winning book "A Soldier's Play" led us to a greater understanding of the effects of racism during the 1940s.