Charles Darwin

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Charles Darwin "The Catholic church has absolutely no view on 'Darwin's Theory of Evolution' or 'Darwinism' what is commonly believed by the magistarium is that one should not necessarily take the Bible in a literal sense ..." -An excerpt from Robert Richard's The Meaning of Evolution. Charles Darwin, a British naturalist has revolutionized biological and genetic studies with his new idea of "Natural Selection." His theory on evolution, which held that a species had emerged from …

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…new frontier in the scientific realm. He will always be remembered as a true pioneer in the theory of evolution. Bibliography Bibliography Bowlby, John, Charles Darwin: A New Life; 1991. Bowler, PJ., Charles Darwin: The Man and His Influence; 1990. Keynes, R.D.,ed., Charles Darwin’s Beagle Diary; 1988. Moorhead, Alan, Darwin and the Beagle; 1969. Richards, Robert, The Meaning of Evolution; 1993. Andy Zerzan Biology, Mr Herron 1st Hour Extra Credit 10/95 Charles Darwin: His Life Story of Dicovery