Charles Darwin

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Charles Darwin was born on February 12,1809 in Shrewsbury, England. His father, Robert Darwin, was a physician and the son of Erasmus Darwin, a poet philosopher, and naturalist. When Charles was eight, his mother died, leaving him to be raised by his sister. He was taught classics at Shrewsbury and at the age of sixteen, he left to study medicine at Edinburg University. Repelled by the sight of surgery performed without anesthesia, he eventually went to …

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…evolution built in. Darwin continued to write and publish his works on biology throughout his life. He battled continuous ill-health but lost in 1882. It was not realized until after his death that he had suffered from Chagas's disease, which he had contracted from an insect bite while in South America. Today, he is buried in Westminster Abbey. Charles Darwin was a brilliant man who enabled us, with his works, to move forward in modern biology.