Charitable programs of the st. vuncent de paul society in georgia.

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The St. Vincent De Paul Society of Georgia is a nonprofit, social service organization dedicated to serving people in need, regardless of race or religion. SVdP offers assistance to those who have fallen upon times of hardship and personal crisis. Ways in which SVdP helps include providing food, clothing, housing assistance, utility assistance, furniture, MARTA tokens, disaster relief, employment assistance, vocational training, elderly care and even funeral expenses. Frederic Ozanam, as a 20 year-old college student, …

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…need, It is through their efforts that the Society is able to work towards and accomplish its goal of relieving suffering. Assistance, whether material, intellectual, emotional or spiritual, is offered to each individual with a spirit of compassion, respect and dignity. Rather than solely address specific circumstances , Society members seek to work with the people they serve and create solutions which consider all aspects of a person's life. No charity is foreign to the Society.