Characterization of John Proctor - The Crucible

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It is not uncommon for a small insignificant lie to roll downhill and become an uncontrollable snowball. This same analogy applies to collective hysterias; a personís fear of someone or something easily spreads from person to person, growing into massive chaos. An example of a collective hysteria is illustrated in Arthur Millerís play The Crucible, for a group of young girls in Salem caused its population to doubt the sanctity that once dominated, …

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…lived in Salem, Massachusetts. Their personalities reveal mainly clear differences, so these are the few irrelevant similarities found. Arthur Miller manages to epitomize the controversial battle between superstition and orthodoxy. This conflict is portrayed indirectly through the contrasting personalities of Anne Putnam and Rebecca Nurse. Although these two women share a few skin deep similarities, their distinctions create a gap between the two, forbidding them from ever being at peace when in each others presence.