Characterization of Flat Characters

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Ernest J. Gaines; The Sky is Gray Characterization of Octavia In Ernest J. Gaines, “The Sky is Gray,” is a story of a woman during World War II, who is faced with the challenges of raising and providing for her family financially in the absent of her husband because of the war. Her realistic attitude about her role as head of the family in the absent of her husband has changed her dramatically. The happy …

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…paragraph 4). B. Octavia’s abusive trait is characterized by slapping and hitting James when he refuses to kill the redbird” (paragraph 67). II. Octavia becomes quite demanding in her new role. A. She demands James to fetch and kill. B. She also demands respectfulness from her children. III. Octavia is compassionate in many respects. A. When she learns James’s toothache, Octavia responds motherly. B. Although economically deprived, Octavia insure that her children will not starve.