Characteristic of Paris in Homer`s Iliad

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Paris is one of the main characters in the Iliad; at least he is the one who is responsible for the war, in authorís opinion and in mine also. First, one of the most valuable for us, characteristic of Paris we can read in Book 3 (38-57). This is a description of Paris by Hektor - his own brother. Words of hate were said not somewhere in the forest, not to some god or human, …

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…is negative personage in the Iliad, which is supposed to show to us humanís weak sides, like irresponsibility, short-mindedness, immodesty, shameless, cowardice. But from the other side, he agrees to fight, he comes to the wall, he is not supposed to do it, but he does. Here Homer shows that there are no completely lost people for society. One can always find some courage in his heart Ė even if it takes 9 years for it.