Character Similarities Between Medea and Lysestrata

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Sarah Burris Character Similarities Though different playwrights wrote Trifles, Medea, and Lysistrata they contain many of the same scenarios and characterizations. Both plays have protagonists that are strong-minded women who feel they have been duped by the men in their lives and they seek to return things to their normal daily lives. The women outwit the men and take the law in their own hands. Lysistrata believes the war is being mishandled and prolonged because …

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…Each action could have several preliminary actions before the final conclusions were made. The authors bypass these preliminaries to show their audience an instance where someone makes a choice that we would never commit ourselves but, perhaps, have secretly thought about. The playwrights write situations to help our own minds to understand why we as people do not commit psychotic acts of passion but should instead make decisions based on contemplated propositions and rational conclusions.