Character, Plot, and Theme Development

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The play “Hamlet”, by William Shakespeare, contains complex scenes that interlock; using a mastery of words and hidden meanings behind phrases. Since each scene is a piece that connects to another; it is vital that each scene has certain actions and reactions to bring out other meanings in the play. Thus making character, theme, and plot development critical to each scene. Such development can be tracked through individual scenes and is evident in Act 3, scene 4 …

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…can no longer handle the truth. Actions and reactions are the fundamentals for writing. In act 3 scene 4 the actions are committed by Hamlet and the other characters respond. Resulting in character, plot, and theme development. This intern advances the play further in the direction of Shakespeare. This aspect provides the level of importance each scene is to the play. Causing us to deeply probe the literature of Shakespeare to gain new insight to each scene.