Character Analysis of Prospero in The Tempest

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Prospero, of course, is the play. He is the exiled duke of Milan and the father of Miranda, as well as a powerful magician ruler of a remote island. The play revolves around him. He has more lines than any other character. His presence is felt continuously, even in those scenes in which he does not appear personally. He is the manipulator of the action in the play. The sometimes-godlike character is well rounded and …

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…his contradictories. At first he is a scholar of magic, then becomes vengeful in his attitude through supernatural means, and by the closing of the play he recognizes his limitations and learns forgiveness, and also transcends magic altogether. In the beginning he says “my library/Was dukedom large enough” (1.ii.109-110), but at the end he returns to Milan to resume his proper position as a leader of society. He is indeed a complex character.