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In the novel Falconer, by John Cheever, the main character, Farragut, is motivated by the wish to escape from an unpleasant world. In the "Overview" of John Cheever, it says, "Cheever's world commonly portrays individuals in conflict with their communities and often with themselves." In this novel, Farragut is sent to Falconer prison for murdering his brother, and has to deal with the confinement and withdrawal of his drug addictions. In addition, Cheever expresses emotional …

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…adapting to it, he is inevitably self-doomed. For example, as soon as Farragut escaped out of the front gate of the prison, he tried to walk slowly and not stumble from his excitement. Also, he had to change his appearance, so as, to not give himself away. If he would not have changed his environment, he could have most likely been spotted as an escaped convict and returned to an unpleasant world in the prison.