Changing the number of days in a school week.

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Education is important, but our time is also important. This is exactly why we should have a four-day week in our district. Our education is important and in a four-day week each day would consist of more hours and because our time is important we would get in extra day off. Money is also important and with a four-day week the schools save money. Lastly, test grades were shown to rise. First of all, we …

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…students had a longer lunch so they had more time to socialize, a longer break, and more time for nourishment. In conclusion, learning is great for us, we would love to have an extra day off from our busy week, and cash would be saved. A four-day week is perfect, longer days than a five-day week, and shorter days than a three-day week. Do you think there would be less stress during a four-day week?