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Candy Elliott-Ries Art 101 ET Mr. Tim Hahn Final Paper Paul Cézanne Cézanne was born at Aix-en-Provence in the south of France on January 19, 1839. Cézanne developed artistic interests at an early age. His father was a common laborer then became a hatter and, eventually, a successful wealthy banker. He had high expectations for Paul and would never fully accept the notion of his son becoming an artist. Sadly, his father died before realizing …

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…Interaction between the boldly brushed individuals cannot be imagined. I try to imagine what has brought this group of men together. The light is too significant to be the dawn of a new morning or the dusk of a fallen night. Then why, sense fraternity and festivity are not the reasons, are these men bathing in the height of the day? Maybe this is just the sort of mystery the picture was supposed to provoke.