Ceremony's Auntie

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Nov. 18, 1997 Auntie Native American women were traditionally expected to fulfill the needs of a society of hunters. Their purpose was to help the men in their tribe to make use of the land, including tasks such as gathering and preparing food, cleaning, and caring for their young. These roles were passed down through the generations from mother to daughter. When Native American land was taken over by white settlers the boundaries outlining the role of …

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…mostly silent. Her son and only brother were dead. She was left with the separateness of her religion and the idle gossip of the town. By highlighting her isolation at the end of the novel, Silko seemed to be commenting on Auntie’s rejection of traditional Native American teachings. The traditions, rituals, and ceremonies of the people bind them together. Auntie must embrace her past in order to be successful in her future. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**