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Centennial The story of Centennial constitutes the saying, "the winning of the West." This story is of the land and the Indians who inhabited it and of the people of many nations who came to drive them out. Centennial is based solidly on the facts of history, but history is only the background. The real story is that of the people; Indians, trappers, traders, adventurers, explorers, gold-seekers, ranchers, cowboys, homesteaders, farmers and hunters who are …

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…badger game," a scheme to rip-off innocent men of land holdings and wealth. The Wendell family eventually became real estate brokers and enticed many new people to the farming life in Colorado, taking advantage of the Homestead Act. I thought this book was very long and tedious. I got a feel for the history of our country but more importantly I was impressed with the individual sacrifices each person in this novel had to make.