Censorship and the banning of "The Chocolate War" by Cormier

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Our country was founded on the ideals of freedom of speech and expression, and now all Americans have to make sure they are upheld. The books on this list are intelligent stories that challenge your perceptions and make you aware of the often harsh realities of life. And while, certainly, a parent might decide a particular book is too mature for his or her child, no city council or church group or senator should have …

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…Since 1983, challenges to library books and school materials have increased by 168% and state legislatures nationwide have been under pressure to pass new, restrictive laws against booksellers. The guarantee of free speech allows us to open ourselves and our children to the broadest possible range of opinion and experience. Only in a climate of open debate and willingness to listen to varied arguments can our children learn to think independently and to make their own choices.