Celia Behind Me

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Celia Behind me In her story, “Celia Behind Me”, Isabel Huggan writes about the subject that all of us can relate to: Pressure to fit in and be accepted. The main character, Elizabeth, struggles with her own insecurity and position within the group of kids. The result of her insecurity is frustration she expresses on Celia. Elizabeth’s position within the group of those kids was unstable. She makes herself believe that she is a …

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…something. Some of them don’t even realize that they might have hurt somebody. Does the goal excuse the way? I think not. Elizabeth is a nice example of it. Her violence becomes the result of frustration. Anyway that incident makes her to get know her dark side; the side she never new existed. “She made me discover a darkness far more frightening than the echoing culvert, far more enduring than her smooth, pink face” (295).