Cecil B. DeMille

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Cecil B. DeMille was in all a great director, producer, writer and actor. Born Cecil Blount DeMille, he was THE original aristocrat of Hollywood, but this aristocrat had humble beginnings. His father was a clergyman and his mother ran a girl's school. An old soul in knee pants and determined to get his show on the road, he ran away from military school and tried to enlist in the Armed forces at the outbreak of …

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…where everything will always turn out well. The villain loses, sometimes wins but will lose for sure in the sequel, and the hero wins. The movies portray a world that really beats our real world. The real world has death, pain, and suffering, but in the movies nothing like this exists. Cecil B. DeMille emphasized this in all his movies. In short, he made people happy. Thatís what makes him a great American figure.