Causes of the Pelopenesian War

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The Causes of the Peloponessian War Ancient Greece during the 4th century B.C. was home to the city-states of Sparta and Athens. These two communities were the superpowers of the region during that time. The peloponnesian war between these two states evolved out of a string of events that would lead to years of conflict. When looking for a single cause of the peloponnesian war none can be found. Over time many events contributed …

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…superpowers, so different in culture could not avoid conflict, conflict that eventually resulted in the peloponnesian war. The roots of the peloponessian war can be traced back to many specific instances but on the most part three main elements caused its rise; Sparta’s anger at Athenian aid to Spartan enemies, Spartan fear of Athenian power, and the hostility and mistrust caused by the radical differences between the two societies. The peloponnesian war was inevitable.