Causes for Germanies entry to WW1

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Germanies Entry into World War 1 November 25, 2000 World War One was caused solely by the aggression of one country and its allies. It was made possible by the political, military and economical environments inside the aggressor country. These all contributed to the initiation of the First World War by the then mayor European power, Germany. To the credit of the Prussians, Germany had the largest (except for Russia), best equipped and best-trained army of Europe. With …

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…affected the advent of the First World War. Some of these other factors are the need for national prestige and rise in nationalism. However, the influence of the economic pressure on the government and therefore the military coupled with an unstable belligerent ruling class were the main reasons for Germany’s planed, unilateral and devastating First World War. Bibliography Bibligraphy: The twentieth Century World Thrid Edition by William R. Keylor Oxford University Press, New York 1996