Causes and Effects of the American Civil War

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Causes and Effects of the American Civil War Introduction- The American Civil War began on April 12, 1861 when General Pierre Beauregard opened fire with 50 cannons on Fort Sumter. This marked the beginning of one of the longest and bloodiest wars in American history. It was also the only war that took place fully on American soil. The entire war lasted four years and claimed over 620,000 American lives with many more injured. Causes- Many people attribute the …

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…Conclusion- The American Civil War was one of the most defining points in America’s history. This war split the entire nation in half and sealed it back together again with a stronger government than ever before. This war was also an extremely devastating war pitting brother against brother and even in some cases fathers against sons. With more than 620,000 people dead it killed more people than any other war in which America was involved.