Cathers Feminist tendencies

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Willa Cather’s Feminist Tendencies Willa Cather tends to portray static characters with little depth, yet she seems to approach her female characters with an air of liberalism that allows for a more well-rounded exploration of society than is found in the works of other conteporary authors. Cather depicts women as both the classic “mother woman” and the independent individual. Allowing her to free the female character from heir reliance on men. Her women are …

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…her characters that don’t have to involve love stories and births; her stories can end in business adventures and self-discovery. Although Cather explores modern ideals for women, she does not abandoned the traditional values of husband and family. Cather portrays women young and old, rich and poor, and develops them into well rounded citizens. She allows her characters to free themselves from the social restraint of society and live the lives of their dreams.