Catherine the Great

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The Free-Thinking Queen A beautiful and sexually charged woman, Princess Catherine used modern tactics to conquer both the hearts of her people and the land she broadminded. She boasted a brilliant thirty-four year reign over Russia, campaigning vast renovations to her country and employing thoughtful emotion in her tasks. Born Sophia Augusta Frederika of Anhalt-Zerbst on April 21, 1729 in Stettin, then Germany, Catherine II voyaged to become one of the most loved and enlightened rulers of …

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…deal of love, but there was a void she tried to fill with the many relationships she formed with men. Perhaps biographers misunderstood her many attachments, ultimately she just craved for affection. Empress Catherine The Great was a splendidly educated woman who held high aspirations for her country and self. Though she skillfully accomplished much, her detractors and cynics often embellished her reputation as one of the most prominent and enlightened monarchs of her time.