Catherine Earnshaw: A Feminist Role Model

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Catherine Earnshaw: A Feminist Role Model In Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights, Catherine Earnshaw is unaware of her proper gender role as a child. Her free spirit and carefree attitude allow her independence from conventional girlish norms. She is not concerned with fancy dresses or curls in her hair; instead, she prefers running barefoot through the moors and frolicking recklessly with Heathcliff. However, for Catherine, change is inevitable. In order for her to become a suitable …

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…era marked by male dominance. Although Catherine is not aware of her rebellion against feminine oppression, she inadvertently is challenging the system. In Catherine's era, the patriarchal society demands that she adhere to her prescribed social role; therefore, Catherine is constantly struggling for stability in her life. Catherine's attempt to use her feminine qualities for selfish reasons is an endeavor not used by most women in the nineteenth century-labeling Catherine a feminist before her time.